About Harmonie Shofar and Harp

Harp in his family
This blog is a platform to share my journey as a wife, mother and a daughter of the Most High. We have 4 children of which one is a special needs child. We also love to work among all nationalities in Africa.

Harmonie Shofar and some of the other names in the stories are secret names.
Those that walk very closely with us will know who we are, because the names
refer to our function in the bigger body.


The name connects with the purpose of the blog and facebook page which is to be a catalist to create harmony in families and eventually society. Another goal is to bring hope and encourage people by being transparent about our own struggles regarding Ruan’s special needs and living in a very challenging time over all.

Ruan is one of 4 children.
We (Jan and Harmony) got married in 2005. Harp was 13 at the
time. He was part of our covenant. Therefore I will refer to myself as his
covenant-mom and not stepmom. Jan and I have 3 more children. The oldest
is a 8 year old boy called Nikao. The second is a 7 year old girl called
Sheaylah and the third is a 6 year old girl called Sabeah (2015). All 4 are strong-willed in their own way.

The youngest three are normal and very intelligent. One of our biggest challenges is helping Harp deal with them and to teach them how to treat him with respect. Celebrating each ones’ uniqueness helps tremendously.

My prayer is that you will be able to find hope and encouragement again and know that wrestling is a crucial part of growing in ones’ identity.



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