The grace of Growth


Over December we had to store all our furniture at a friend’s place and look after another friend’s house while we tried to find another house over the holiday season in South Africa. My pots with some plants had to be left behind at our old house until we found a new place. In my mind I wrote them off.

About 6 weeks later I went to fetch them. To my surprise they were thriving. There were even a lovely watermelon plant that grew from seeds my children dropped in one pot. No one took care of them. The rain fed and nurtured them. Before I went to fetch them I was discouraged because of numerous battles we were facing at the time. Realizing that they grew without my care, simply by recieving rain and just being, encouraged me. All I had to do is give them soil and put them in the rain. Our creator and savior Yeshua is the one that provides the growth through pre-programmed genius creation of each creature, plant or human. All He requires of us is to receive His rain, that contains all the nurture we need to grow. We cannot force growth through performance. We can water and fertilize when the rain is little, but we are not in control of the growth. Sometimes the best growth happens just through receiving nurture through His grace-and-truth rain. Just by being and receiving what He gives.

With us however we can block the growth by refusing to recieve grace from Him and having grace with ourselves. We tend to perform to live up to whatever standard got stuck in our head. When we don’t live up to this standard we condemn ourselves and refuse grace. By doing that we create an environment around ourselves that numbs and dampen all initiative and creativity. Because we constantly condemn ourselves for not meeting the invisible, unrealistic standards in our head, we block His rain. In the process those around us constantly feel guilty and condemned as well.

Growth will happen both ways. When we choose to remain a slave to our high standards we create a parisitical, cancerous environment from which every one around us long to escape.

When we choose to release ourselves from the stranglehold of our unrealistic expectations, we can start to recieve his Grace-and-truth rain. This growth will be positive and create an environment in which those around us can grow as well.

You create a safe haven where everyone around you can feel safe and accepted because you recieved the truth that you are accepted in the Beloved.


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