Choose Life

Written 19 November 2016


In the last few months we have been confronted with death in an ever increasing stream of bad news. For us personally a friend almost died when a buffalo trampled him. He lost his left leg from below the knee. Thankfully he is recovering well. Another friend’s daughter was found in a coma next to her husband and died on the way to hospital. She was only 22. This past week we were at the Thanksgiving service for a friend’s life that died in a tragic accident. He leaves his wife and 2 children. He was a father in Africa. He was a farmer in Africa. He had many other children in the spirit and worked tirelessly for community transformation in Africa. The recent floods killed at least 6 people of which one is a 3 year old girl who is probably still missing. Daily we are receiving reports of more and more brutal farm murders and attacks. Every farmer employ between 3 to 300, people if not more.  With the politicians inciting white and black people against each other and saying they are going to kill if farms are not handed over without compensation, it makes it difficult to see a future in a country whose leadership does not want a certain people group that have been part of them for 400 years to continue to live here.

When faced with physical evidence of death, how are we as believers supposed to react if we believe in Yeshua that is Life itself? On the day of the thanksgiving service for Stephan, our friend, my brother’s son asked me what I thought of the sketch of Albrecht Dürer called the Rider, or more commonly known as The Rider, Death and Satan. He did not know about Stephan.
The following was my response:
‘They (death and Satan) can’t however operate with Light even if they are always lurking just outside the circle of Light. Look at the difference in demeanor between the 2 horses in the picture. Our default is death….being distracted by negativity and fear is our sinful nature. The choice is Life. Even in the face of death and tragedy, we can choose life. The movie ‘The Book thief’ is a good example of this….
When someone close to you die however, the choice is not to surrender to the desire to join them in our thoughts. We cannot become the ‘living dead’ because of pain and loss. While we are here we need to choose Life in every action, word and thought even though it might be shrouded by pain, uncertainty and death. When we are in the cloud of witnesses we will see all without the shroud. Until then we have to have faith in the promise of Life (Yeshua) Himself. ‘


Today we have a choice to overcome the evil inside each of us that steers us automatically to negativity, fear and eventually death. The first thing we have to do is to put a guard in front of our mouths and speak life.  Pray and surrender to Life and ask for His agenda for the country.  Thousands are gathering today with Angus Buchan to bring this country to Yeshua and ask that His agenda will be the one that prevails.  The only way it can prevail however is if each and every one that profess to know Him starts to ask for His strategy in their unique situation and follow that in spite of fear and death all around us. Our country is in a huge crisis.  May the Father of Life grant us the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge and perhaps, most of all the fear of YAHWEH which is where all Wisdom starts.


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