Do we want to remain a mad king nation?

After reading a tale of three Kings I started thinking about South Africa. We have been a mad-king nation for so long that we have become excellent spear throwers as well.

Before the Dutch, French, German and English came to this beautiful country Shaka, Dingaan, Mzilikazi and others that I don’t even know about, were the best spear throwers ever. Whole clans and tribes were annihilated. Shaka even killed many of his own people on many occasions because of his ‘spear-throwing’ laws.

Then the Dutch came who fled from the English that had their own spear-throwing tactics. Blood River was won and they settled. Eventually they won the land from the English by many smoking guns and many (black, white and coulored people) being killed in concentration camps. This was the result of the English scorched earth tactic at the time.

The white Afrikaans people who’s language developed here among the colored people from Dutch, German and French soon invented their own spear-throwing tactics. They hated the English for their spear-throwing but they did the same, in a different way, to the rest of the people when they came to power.

The ANC government was next in line. Mandela tried to create a non spear-throwing reign, but started his reign with legalising abortion and started the transition with affirmative action. We have a serious skills shortage, but the policies continue to sideline white skilled people. The world is happy to export those with the nessacary qualifications. Many of those without Tertiary qualifications or sought out skills end up in ‘white squatter camps’. About 20% of white people live in these camps, because they are strangers in their own country and have less privileges than Chinese immigrants that was brought in, in their thousands. An international observer once noted: South Africa is the only country in the world where the majority is protected by policies against a minority. Affirmative action happened so fast without proper training. Many of those that took over ‘privileged’ positions did so with responsibilities they were not groomed into, thus reducing municipalities to corrupt mis-managed places. This sparked service delivery protests. Our president, who comes from a long line of expert spear throwers before him, blames apartheid and even Jan van Riebeeck. Maybe this is pay back time, but who is paying the highest price in the end? Certainly not those that have their spear throwing policy meetings in air-conditioned offices! They create the chaos while being paid for it. When things are exposed they then revert to blame shifting, racism and entitlement which plays out in vandalism, xenophobia, murder, theft and corruption which have become some of the weapons of choice. We even try to normalize and moralize it.

Since when does being poor gives one the right to kill, steal and destroy? These weapons are rapidly reducing this beautiful rainbow nation to a place that the world would rather avoid.

How long will we let this cycle continue? When will we put our spears down for the sake of our children and start making pruning hooks, spades and shovels so we can start to build again?

Do we have the courage to choose life? Are we willing to look deeper and beyond skin color, generalisations and our own preconceived ideas? If not, our grand children will have to rebuild this country from rubble again if we keep following the examples of our ‘mad king’ spear weilding leaders as we have for the past 400 years.