Life puzzles and mosaic


In the past few weeks I have sorted out at least 30 puzzles and many more games that were scattered after an occupational therapist moved from one place to another.

Some puzzles were found, others were half and for others there were only a few random pieces left that did not fit anywhere. Everytime I found another piece of a puzzle and eventually finished some, I experienced joy.


Slowly I realized that our lives are a lot like that. At about 40 life has thrown a few curveballs that scattered the neatly sorted puzzles of ideals and dreams into a state of confusion. Life is not as neat as puzzles though. Sometimes we have to build a new puzzle with the pieces that is left because some of the pieces got lost forever. It’s almost like building a beautiful mosaic from the broken pieces of a beloved piece of porcelain. The end result looks totally different from the original one in our heads. That does not make it less beautiful, just different from our initial expectation.

When we have the courage to embark on the rebuilding process in our own lives, the Father sends people across our paths that need our help to start rebuilding the scattered puzzles in their own lives. The joy and peace, when the picture eventually starts to make sense again, is indescribable.


As we rebuild and organize the mosaic of our lives, it is helpful to take note of some signposts of how we had found hope in chaos. As the Father sends people across our paths that are in their own process of healing and sorting out, we find the signposts to be principles that can be used differently in each situation.

May we find the courage to build the mosaic of our lives into a picture that will pleasantly surprise us in the end.

Photo credits: Dinti de Beer