The crucial necessity of a slow-strike or time-out


This past week I started to work 4 mornings per week. The two little ones I am working with have a few issues that need daily therapy. One is 4 with low muscle tone, weak balance and weak eye sight. He is a professional  ‘why-er’. For nearly every instruction I give him or thing that I do he will ask why. He is also very strong willed, which means that he is challenging me on almost all requests and instructions I give him. When I stick to my boundaries then he starts throwing a tantrum. The consequences follow every time and he is accepting my boundaries better every day. The other little one is 7 and battles with low muscle tone, balance and her milestones is about three years behind. She also challenges my boundaries at times, and wants to be with me even in her break times. For both of them it is a challenge to focus on their work independently for more than two minutes.

By the fourth afternoon when I got home I realized, my space if favor and grace is not there anymore. Neither for myself or for my family. It had been replaced with irritation, frustration and impatience. For me that is sure signs that I need some time-out.

Yesterday morning when my husband and children left for school I spent the 2 hours on my guitar and keyboard and sitting infront of the fire place. The Father restored to me my space of grace again.

A moms time-out, a slow strike or whatever you may call it, is as important as breathing. We need to make time to breath among all the demands of being a wife and mother and whatever other roles we fulfill, without feeling guilty about it. If we choose not to take time-out for our heart building things, our home becomes a place of frustration and irritation that no one wants to be.

May we all find the courage to take that time to be restored to rest and favour in our own hearts in the midst of the demands we face.