Harp’s clean teeth


Last week

we went to the oral and dental hospital for Harp’s oral hygiene appointment. As we came in we met a lady whose son turned nearly blind about a year ago. As we exchanged numbers we could encourage each other.

At his appointment the ladies were very understanding and gentle with him. I discovered that if I hold his jaw gently with one hand and massage him on one side it is easier for him to keep his mouth open. The one lady even helped with the assesment regarding his wisdom teeth at a total different department.

We thank you for your kindness, grace and patience with Harp as he comes in for every appointment. You are doing great work.


Moving from the valley of tears to ‘Brother’-stream


This rainbow greeted us as we left to sleep in our new house for the first time.

For three and a half years we learned to sing when breathing seemed too much. We learned to trust El Shadai is there through the thick, smothering darkness that tried to banish all faith and hope. At times it seemed that it has been accomplishing its purpose. At times I lost my hope and faith and wanted to curl up and die, because continuing to live in a state of lost and broken dreams seemed too much. Many days I thought my Creator Father could not worry about the details of my life and if He did it did not matter to Him.

When we ministered and prayed for others He answered with breakthrough. People started trusting us with their inward struggles and heart battles quicker than ever. He answered prayer regarding ministry but regarding our personal lives I experienced silence. I chose to sing and encourage others on my darkest days. He used that to teach me that the only way to bring hope back in the midst of the darkness is to encourage others with the essence of His character and dreams for Africa.

A week ago we moved to this place after looking for a house. When we came to look at this place I was excited immediately. When my husband and I stood in the kitchen last week to negotiate with the landlord, the kids quietly jumped up and down behind him with their thumbs up. When we asked about a school and he said that it is walking distance the deal was done for me.

From the kitchen to lots of other small details, our Father provided for us. When I walked back to school the other day I could breathe easily. The atmosphere was light and after our deposit was also sorted out I knew that we needed to be in this area for a while. For the first time in years I felt welcome in my own home.

I believe the Father brought us here to be instrumental to bring forth a prototype of root-reconciliation. Our first visitors was a family to whom we were reconciled just last weekend.

Here in this gateway between Gauteng and North West I believe we are going to be built up again in every aspect so we can continue to spread the message of hope and root-reconciliation.