Breaking the chains

When Elizabeth wanted to reconcile with Harp last year it was so good. We were all very excited to see how things will develop. His Grandma however said: ‘I will get excited when she still contacts him after six months.’ 

After the second time Harp and his brother stayed over at Elizabeth’s place for the weekend she started avoiding him again. All her promises started to return empty as well.

After a while he stopped asking her for a visit. The Missing Mom wound or otherwise known as Reactive attachment disorder started surfacing again. After watching October baby a few times Harp eventually got to a point when he phoned her and told he he forgave her for not making time for him and for all the empty promises. He also told her that he is releasing her. None of her responsewas was more than ‘ok’.

He released himself in the process to see and be thankful for what he has, and stop pining for what he cannot have. He chose to break the chains around his own heart that kept him distant. Things are starting to turn slowly.

Forgiveness releases the one forgiving to see and enjoy the gifts that has been right infront of him all the time.