Joyous reconciliation – continued

New Day
New Day

After one more call to Harp asking him if his bags are packed I called Barnabas and asked him to call her. You see, she lived on the way home from where he currently works as an ad-hoc teacher. They connected and she followed him here to come and pick Harp up.

I was still reluctant in letting him go, because I had to dry the tears and deal with the sickness and raw emotion of him missing her in all its manifestations. Was she being real this time? Was this a once off thing again, just to leave him in agony because of broken promises afterwards? Is she in a stable place regarding her marriage so I can know that he will be safe?

She was honest about what happenned the last 7 years and the old defences that we encountered over the phone was down.

Harp enjoyed it tremendously and have 2 new covenant-sisters aged 13 and 5 and one brother aged 5 ( I don’t like the term ‘step’. It sounds too much like Cinderella and the witch and evil sisters of the fairy tales). The two 5 year-olds are twins.

This time it seems real and the right timing. It will still take some time to build trust again, but the Father has really done a great thing here and I saw a true manifestation of the Spirit of Elijah (Luk 1:17) for which we have been praying for, for seven years.



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