Joyous reconciliation – It’s never too late . .

Beginning of restoration

Joyous reconciliation – Its never too late. .

Harp has been longing and praying to see his biological mom (Elizabeth) for the last six years.

We tried to make it happen in our way and on our timeframe with disasterous results sometimes. Two years ago when I tried to ask her to contact Harp she lied to me about what is really happening in her life (her mom told a different story about what was happening at the time, a few months later when we visited them) and ended up putting the phone down in my ear. A few months later when Harp was getting himself sick on account of longing for her, I could at least negotiate contact between Harp and her through her mom.

Harp went on a Benjamin (young adult) conference last weekend. After he had come back Elizabeth called on her own accord. She said they moved back to Pretoria and asked if he could come for a sleepover visit. All my motherly instincts and ‘step’-motherly instincts kicked in. Barnabas was doing a course at the time. After she had called the second time I realized she was serious.

I did not want to let him go, because I still needed to see if she was real. My answer to her was: ‘When Barnabas gets home we will talk about it and let you know.’ After one more call to Harp asking him if his bags are packed I called Barnabas and asked him to call her.

To be continued . . .


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