Harp & Simpiwe

Harp had one of his old school friends over for the night.  His name is Simpiwe.  They both speak Afrikaans.  They relived their school dormitory days and the tricks they played on their teachers.

One of the things they would do is to hide their teacher’s keys in the fridge or take the keys and put it somewhere else where the teachers don’t usually put it.

When they would ask someone something and the other person would not respond they would joke and say: ” Voicemail.”

When someone is looking for something and they can’t see it right in front of them they would say ‘his ligts are switched of.’

Their sharp wit and sense of humour is refreshing and it teaches me to enjoy life and the people around me.  They are quick to see the funny side of a  situation and make a joke of that.  Harp also teach me to not be so serious sometimes.




Missing mom and RAD (MMW-Missing mom wound)

Missing mom.

When Harp starts to argue,manipulate and play me and
Barnabas of against each other I know it’s just a symptom of something way
deeper. The therapists call it RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). It sounds
complicated. Here is a summary as best as I can give it. When a child is
removed from their main care giver (in Harp’s case his mom), when they are
younger than 4 years for long periods it starts. They find it difficult to
attach to someone else since the first person that had to look after them was
taken away. Instead of attaching to the new mother/father figure they treat
them with anger, hostility and ingenious manipulation. When they are alone with
the new mother they do these things but when there are other people around they
are the sweetest children. Harp does it in such a sharp way that his dad
sometimes doesn’t realize it till I had too much and get angry with Harp. When
he gets like that I can know he misses his mom and needs me to spend some time
alone with him. I call it MMW\MDW (Missing Mom\Dad Wound)

It is much better than 6 years ago, but with him it’s a slow
healing process since his mental and emotional capacities ranges from 2-5
years. When it comes close to crucial times like his birthday it gets worse
when he does not hear from his mom. After working through it every time it gets
better though.

Is there anyone out there that also deals with children in blended families and has to deal with MMW\MDW in their family??



Lion of Judah and Harp

Two nigths ago The Lion of Judah came to harp in a dream and licked his ear.

I asked him: “Was dit lekker? (Was it nice? in Afrikaans), on which he replied positively, with a BIG grin on his face.

He loves the movies of Chronicles of Narnia.  It is so special to me that a child that we regard as mentally handicapped can have such a childlike faith in the One that created him.  What is more special is that He will reveal Himself to those who wait on Him.  That Harp does more than most people I know.  His favoroute past time is to listen to worship music and watch live DVD concerts while he preaches alone in his room.

It is such a lesson and an inspiration to me.

With Yeshua the Lion of Judah that rose from the grave and conquered death for His bride, ALL things are possible.