Living 17 years longer than the docters predicted. . .

Living Miracle

We celebrated Harp’s 19th birthday a while ago. It was a
beautiful spring day in South-Africa. Three of his friends that came, also have
some of their own developmental challenges in varying degrees. Two of our
Zimbabwean friends came, his ‘great uncle and aunt’ and 2 of our friends that
have been walking with me since before I knew him were there also.

Everyone had so much good and blessing in their wishes for
his next year. Cloud said that they have learned so much from him in the past 7
years. Every time he reached another milestone they have learned a spiritual

Nikao his little brother (almost 5) had 2 ‘speeches’ and
told him that he likes playing with him and that he prays that Yeshua will
bless him with ‘liefde en blygeid’, that is love and joy put in very cute

Daniël our 50 year old friend that is lightly autistic told
him that Yeshua made him like he is for a reason and that He uses him just like
he is.

We were also thankful with everyone that knows him that he lived 17 years longer 

than what the doctors predicted when they saw the size of His kidneys at birth!!

It was a delightful visit and I realized again that Harp is
flourishing with people around him. Most of the time they are not really fazed
by his challenges and handicaps. They just enjoy being with him.

Caring for a special needs child strips one of all pretenses
and of upholding the false image that ‘all is fine always’.  It helps me to just be and surrender to my
heavenly Father every time things seem to get too much.



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