Harp’s African Travels – Part2

When we got to our hosts at about 18:00 the electricity was
down. It only came on at 1:30 am. That was our biggest challenge over the
weekend. Luckily our hosts had a generator as well. Harp battles with candle
light and feels insecure very quickly in
especially a strange environment because of his vision loss. Candle
light and poorly lit places to him is like total darkness.

It was dark at the venue as well because we only had one
lead light with candles in the classroom. The next evening he chose to stay at
our hosts instead of coming with us.

He enjoyed his own room there and could just do his own
thing without being bothered by his little brother and 2 sisters.

Throughout the weekend I realized that even though he has
people around him he is lonely because he misses his friends with handicaps
that he can relate to.

To get him to ‘Die oord’ seems impossible at this stage. He
really wants to go. Maybe we should just finish the application and leave the
rest in Yeshua’s hands. That would also leave him in a secure place where he is
a burden to no one when we go on challenging trips.

It was good having him with us, but I don’t know if he was
made for Rural Africa.



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