Harp’s African travels

Harp’s African travels – Part 1

Living life together


At the end of the ninth month of 2011 we got the oppurtunity
to go to Masvingo In Zimbabwe to minister.

Before we went we asked Harp if he wanted to come with. He
could sleep on it. The next morning before we had to leave to apply for
temporary passports for the children he said yes.

He was very excited with us, because all of us have been
praying and dreaming about this.

He really enjoyed the
travelling part. Total distance we had to travel was about 800 km one way. The
last bit there was a challenge though. Nikao had diarhiee and the last 280km
after one crosses the border at Beitbridge took longer than the first 500 in
SA. When we had to change a tire Harp wanted to help. We let him carry stuff to
make space for the flat tire since our vehicle’s mechanism where the spare goes
makes it nearly impossible to put the flat back in the spare wheel’s space on
the road. Harp had to sit against  the flat tire for the last 230km. In his way he did help.

To be continued.


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