Meeting Harp

The first time I saw Harp I was quite surprised. I met
Barnabas at a home fellowship 3 months earlier. We never really spoke in depth
and I did not know he had a son. Harp was living in the school dormitory at the

It took me almost another three months to work up the
courage to ask Barnabas the BIG question. ‘What is wrong with Harp?’ or ‘Why is
he like that?’ Why is it that we would rather stare and wonder than to ask the
parents the BIG question.

Being Harp’s mom now I realize it is better if people ask
rather than to wonder and stare (even when they think you are not looking) and
let the question hang in the air. How the question comes out does not really
matter. As long as people would acknowledge that Harp is there and ask rather
than to ignore the matter or him altogether.


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