The journey with a special needs child

Harp, Nikao, Sheaylah, Sabeah

The purpose of this blog is to raise a support group for families firstly in South Africa with one or more special needs children. Harmonie Shofar and some of the other names for our family are secret names. Those that walk very closely with us will know who we are, because the names refer to our function in the bigger body.There are several reasons for this. The main one is to protect the identity of Harp’s biological mom and grand parents since I am going to be very open and transparent about our struggles in all areas. May our openness help the other families out there.
The blog and facebook page is mainly about Harp. Harmonie Shofar is my hidden name and I decided to call the website the same. The name connects with the purpose of the blog and facebook page which is to create harmony in homes with family members with special needs and to give them guidelines to do the same by being transparent about our struggles. Another goal is also to give parents with special needs children hope and a support base to come to for advice and encouragement when things get tough. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to that also has a special needs child just to know that we are not alone. If we have questions that we don’t know the answers of we can search for the answers together.
Harp is one of 4 children. We (Barnabas & Harmony) got married in 2005. Harp was 13 at the time. He was part of our covenant. Therefore I will refer to myself as his covenant-mom and not stepmom. Barnabas and I have 3 more children. The oldest is a 5 year old boy called Nikao. The second is a 4 year old girl called Sheaylah and the third also a girl called Sabeah that is turning 3 this year (2011). All 4 is strong-willed in their own way.
The youngest three are all normal and very intelligent. One of our biggest challenges is helping Harp deal with them and to teach them how to treat him with respect.
My prayer is that you will be able to find hope and encouragement again and know that you are not alone.


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