There is Hope

The purpose of this blog is to raise a support group for
families firstly in South Africa with one or more special needs children.
Harmonie Shofar and some of the other names for our family are secret names.
Those that walk very closely with us wil know who we are, because the names
refer to our function in the bigger body.

There are several reasons for this.
The main one is to protect the identity of Harp’s biological mom and grand
parents since I am going to be very open and transparent about our struggles in
all areas.

May our openness help the other families out there to find hope and realize that they are not alone.


One thought on “There is Hope

  1. B

    HarmonieShofar, thank you for this blog. Your determination in pursueing this project has been an inspiration to me. I will follow this blog closely.


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